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General Terms of Service

1. Scope of application
1.1. These terms and conditions of Tresde Studios Europe S.L. (hereinafter “Seller”), apply to all contracts consigned by a particular client or company (hereinafter “Customer”) with respect to the Seller in its own online store offering goods and/or services. This includes its own conditions to the Customers, unless it has been otherwise agreed.
1.2. A Customer in terms of these General and Service Conditions shall mean any natural person who enters into a transaction with a purpose that is neither commercial nor independent to the vocational activity to which it can be attributed. An entrepreneur in the sense of these terms and conditions shall mean any natural or legal person, or separate organization that trades when consigning a contract as part of their own businesses or commercial activity.
1.3. The order processing and contact can be done in general by e-mail or by the automated order processing. The Customer must ensure by himself that for the ordering process the e-mail address is correct, enabling the Seller e-mails to be received. In particular, the Customer must ensure the proper use of spam filters to ensure the Seller or an authorized third party are able to send the emails.
2. Return costs when existing the right of devolution
Warranty: All our products have the corresponding guarantee granted against manufacturing defects. In the case you may find a manufacturing defect in your product, please notify us by sending an e-mail to the following address: where we will try to solve your problem and will indicate you how to send us back your purchase. Due to the nature of use and manipulation, said warranty does not cover those damages originated in the product due to hits or misuse of the figures.
Right of Return: If, when you receive your order, a defect is detected, you have a period of seven (7) days counted from the date of the shipment reception to execute your right of return. The shipping and collection charges, in case of return, will be borne by the Customer. To make such return, the product must be in perfect conditions and in its original packaging. Upon receipt of the goods in our warehouses, and after checking the status of the product, we will proceed to exchange or refund the amount according to the payment method effected by the Customer. Prior to making your return, please email us via the following address:
The custom sculptures cannot be returned once it is approved by the Customer unless it has a manufacturing defect not related to the artistic figure or pose.
Tresde Studios is not responsible for any customs fees that may involve the sending of their products, which will be in any case assumed by the Customer.

3. Prices and payment methods
3.1. The prices stablished by the Seller are final and include the legal Spanish taxes. If necessary, additional deliveries and handling costs would be separately disclosed in the product description.
3.2. For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, in some cases, additional costs may occur that are not responsibility of the Seller and shall be borne by the Customer. These costs include for example the transfer of funds through financial institutions (e.g. bank transfer fees, exchange fees) or legal import duties or taxes (e.g. customs duties).
3.3. Customers can choose different payment options which are stablished at the Seller’s online shop.
3.4. If you select the direct debit payment (debit), the invoice amount will have to be made immediately, as stablished within the contract. The Seller is irrevocably authorized to collect the invoice amount from the account specified by the Customer. The debit occurs when the ordered goods leave the warehouse of the Seller. If the direct debit does not have sufficient funds, the bank information is false, or inconsistent with the Customer on any transaction, even though he is not entitled to claim it, the Customer will have to bear the commissions incurred of the relevant bank’s return policies, if he was responsible for this.
4. Shipping conditions
4.1. The delivery of goods will be carried out usually through the courier routes and to the address provided by the Customer.
4.2. If the shipping company returns the goods to the Seller because the delivery could not be made to the Customer, the Customer will assume the costs of the failed shipment. This does not apply if the Customer refuses, when accepting his right of exercise, if he has not been represented by the fact of leaving the impossibility of sending or has notified his temporary impossibility in receiving the order, unless the Seller has agreed to a reasonable time before delivery.
5. Responsibility of the Customer by the selected designs
The Customer is responsible for the pictures which the Seller represents as part of a placed order, is the only responsible. The Customer shall in particular ensure if their designs are violations of rights of third parties, especially copyright, trademark rights, personal rights or competition rights. The Seller is not obliged to verify the images supplied by the Customer for content of possible rights of third parties.
If the Seller observes from experience the violation of any law, the material will be deleted and will refuse to execute the order.

6. Data Protection:
By the time you register yourself within our server or place an order, your personal and household data and those related to your payment method are incorporated into our database, being used only to process the order as well as to send information about offers and services that may be of interest to you. In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 relating to the Protection of Personal Data, as a Customer may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification and opposition by communicating it in writing to Tresde Studios Europe SL Street Juan Bravo 3-A 28006 Madrid – Spain or through our e-mail address.

Information regarding the identity of the seller:

Tresde Studios Europe S.L.
Calle Juan Bravo, 3-A
28006 Madrid – Spain
Phone: +34 684 31 70 62
VAT ID: B87593810

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